Electonics & electrical

Electronics & Electrical Supplies: Introduction

Engineering that deals with the use of electricity in all its manifestations, including electronics, is known as electrical and electronics engineering. Electronics engineering is the subfield of electrical engineering that deals with the practical applications of electronic components like integrated circuits and transistors and the utilization of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The difference between electrical engineering & electronics is typically determined by the voltage of the electricity being used. This distinction allows us to say that electronics engineering focuses on "light current" applications like telephone computers, and radio communication, radar, and automatic control systems, while electrical engineering deals with "heavy current" applications like electric light and power systems and apparatuses.

Different Types of Electrical Materials & Products


These materials, like ferromagnetic ones, have a large and positive magnetic susceptibility. The crystal structures of mixtures are typically more intricate than those of pure substances. Magnetic saturation is lower in ferrites than in ferromagnetic materials.


The magnetic susceptibility of these substances is low or even negative when exposed to an external magnetic field. These are mildly repelled when an external magnetic field is applied to them. Most, if not all, metals, such as silver, copper, gold, hydrogen, etc., lack magnetic properties.


The materials in question have a markedly high and positive sensitivity to an applied magnetic field. They are magnetically retentive, meaning they keep their magnetism even when no external magnetic field is present. Magnetic hysteresis is the name given to this material characteristic.

Electrical Switchgear

They are used to protect electronics & electrical supplies from being damaged and come in a variety of forms, such as double breakers, residual circuit breakers, tiny circuit breakers, and so on.

Electrical Sockets

Electrical devices should be plugged into sockets to ensure a steady flow of power. Hex sockets, Impact sockets, Spark plug sockets, Universal Joints, Socket Bits, and Sources are just some of the many varieties of sockets available.